New brewery with local flair set to open soon

New brewery with local flair set to open soon

COOS BAY, Ore. -- 7 Devils Brewery is just months away from being completed, and the owner says he is thinking about the community in every detail.

Carmen Matthews and his wife both enjoyed brewing, so they got started with a pilot kit out of their home.

Now, after years of hard work, that home brewery has turned into something much bigger for the whole community to enjoy.

Matthews grew up in this area and he wants a local flair in every detail. "We want to use as much local resources as possible, and kind of exemplify what we have here in terms of resources and craftsmanship and artists," he said. "I guess, an exhibit for Coos County culture."

The idea is to have a public house where everyone can come together and see those who made the brewery possible. "When people come in they can see the person who did the walls, or see the person who made the lights or the people who are making the beer or the chef. Those are the people we want."

Now, a dream that began several years ago is nearing completion. "I've always loved that quote: 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world,' and that's kind of what we're going for.”

An official opening date hasn't been set, but Matthews says they are anxious and working hard so the taps are flowing sooner rather than later.