Phone scammers target Oregonians - Police: HANG UP!

Phone scammers target Oregonians - Police: HANG UP!

EUGENE, Ore. -- Phone scammers have targeted Oregonians by demanding money in exchange for dropping criminal charges or clearing warrants, the Oregon State Police said Friday.

Officials said that Oregon residents have been receiving calls from foreign men identifying themselves as "Officers" or Deputies" with the Oregon State Police. According to victim reports, the callers say they will clear an arrest warrant or cancel a pending court appearance if the potential victim doesn't send in money within a certain time-frame.

These types of scams are consistent with other scams reported across the nation.

Victims told police that their caller ID showed the call originating from 911. In two particular cases the scammers provided call back numbers of 410-387-7748 or 215-302-3662.

State police officers said that this type of activity is not done by any legitimate law enforcement agency or officer.

Police ask people receiving these types of calls to hang up immediately, then call local law enforcement, or Oregon State Police at 1-877-877-9392. People can also complete a formal complaint form on-line at the OSP Justice Consumer Protection Office website.