Plastic bags going away for grocery store chain

Plastic bags going away for grocery store chain

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- The option of paper or plastic is going away for some south coast shoppers.

Starting on Monday, the three Ray's Food Place stores, located in Bandon, Port Orford and Gold Beach, will stop offering plastic shopping bags.

The grocery chain says it wants to be an industry leader in environmentally friendly practices, so shoppers will now have to either bring a reusable bag or paper bags will be provided.

Bags will also be for sale in the store for about a dollar a bag.

Ray Brewer, the manager of Ray's in Bandon, says they have already started getting people ready for the change. "Probably six weeks ago we started the preparations, getting everything lined up and ready to go/we have some people who've been using their own reusable bags for some time, and they are really excited about the move," he said.

Customers are being offered incentives to use reusable bags, including a five cent discount per bag used.

Brewer says Ray's will continue its plastic bag recycling program.