Study: 'People seem to be energized about getting outdoors'

Study: 'People seem to be energized about getting outdoors'
Officials with Waldron's Outdoor Sports say they have seen an uptick in business, confirming what a new study by the Outdoor Industry Association says: The business of the Oregon Outdoors is booming.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Though some industries have suffered in the past few years, a new study shows that one industry has thrived.

The study released by the Outdoor Industry Association says that more people are starting to spend more money on goods for the outdoors.

Officials at a local outdoor sporting goods store say they've definitely seen an uptick in customers.

The study found the Oregon outdoors provides more than 140,000 jobs and put nearly $13-billion into the state's economy.

Jerel Skeith from Waldron's Outdoor Sports says more people have been looking to the outdoors for entertainment. "People seem to be energized about getting outdoors," he said.

Skeith says outdoor hobbies have a special appeal, because unlike spending money for a single experience, buying outdoor gear can provide you with entertainment for countless trips.

The outdoor industry data tracks through 2011, but Skeith says this year has been particularly good.

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He says that may be because those who've saved during the recession are finally ready to give themselves a little reward. "People kind of hunkered down and spent conservatively, and now it seems to be all bets are off," he said.

So, whether people are buying a new bow, new boots or a new bike, the point is that they're buying, and the outdoors is one industry that's booming.