Medical cannabis center thrives in Eugene: 'It's just like going to the doctor'

Medical cannabis center thrives in Eugene: 'It's just like going to the doctor' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Every week, Erik Raymond heads to Kannabosm Medicinal Cannabis Resource Center in Eugene.

"I get checked in, have my privacy, I don't have to interact with other people. It's like going to the doctor's office," said Raymond.

Up until two months ago, he had to grow his own medical marijuana.

"It's so expensive, it's almost impossible for the average person to do," said Raymond. "So I wasn't really able to keep up on much until these guys opened."

Owner Curtis Shimmin said Kannabosm opened in July, and now has over 250 members. Membership will be capped at 800, he said.

That many customers would indicate the need for a second location, he said.

"We're a grower-patient exchange program. We allow growers to bring excess medicine and leave it for their patients to access," said Shimmin. "We have many cancer patients, AIDS patients, nausea patients."

Kannabosm isn't actually a store. They don't grow or sell anything themselves, and they don't collect a percentage of each sale. They consider themselves the go between for local growers and patients.

"We collect a reimbursement from the patients, and we give the grower the reimbursement that we collect," said Shimmin.

According to the Oregon Public Health website, there are currently 5,155 medical marijuana cardholders in Lane County. 

Shimmin said they're the only medicinal center in Lane County, and they see patients come from all over.

"We see several dozens patients come over from the coast daily to access medicine and we see quite a bit from Southern Oregon," he said.

Not only is it an easy way to pick up cannabis, it's also safer for patients.

"It keeps them from having illegal transactions on the black market," he said. "It gives them a nice safe environment to access medicines."

And that's something that Raymond prefers.

"Now I can come here pretty much any day, get exactly what I need," he said, "and the day is so much better."