Is apple juice safe to drink?

Is apple juice safe to drink?

EUGENE, Ore. - A popular juice is getting a bad wrap after TV show host Dr. Oz investigated different apple juice brands and found what he calls "high" levels of arsenic in the beverage.

Dr. Oz hired an independent lab to test five different well known brands of apple juice for the hazardous substance. The apple juices that were tested include Minute Maid, Juicy Juice, Gerber, Apple and Eve, and Mott's.

At least one sample for four of the five brands, with the exception of Minute Maid, showed levels of arsenic. The highest level measured in the investigation was found in Gerber apple juice at 36 ppb.

The apple juice controversy caught the attention of many of Dr. Oz's fans who poured their thoughts onto his Facebook page. Many of his viewers thanked him for looking out for their health.

On Thursday Dr. Richard Besser, an ABC medical expert, confronted Dr. Oz about his statements on a network morning show. The doctor argued that Oz failed to distinguish the difference between organic and inorganic arsenic in the investigation.

According to Dr. Oz, his concern is the quantity of arsenic in the juice, no matter what type of arsenic it is.

"I don't think apple juice is dangerous today, I'm concerned about long term exposure to elevated levels of arsenic," Dr. Oz said.

Aleta Miller is a former member of the Genesis Juice Cooperative who has been around apple juice processing for years. Miller said there is organic arsenic in the juice, but none that is a health concern.

"There's a natural occurring amount in the seeds of the apples that are arsenic, but it's not dangerous for human consumption," Miller said. "You would have to drink probably 10,000 gallons of apples juice in order to die, but then you would die anyway."

Miller said although there's a minimal chance apple juices could be contaminated, it's always best to be aware of where your food comes from and how it's processed.

The issue isn't over yet for Doctor Oz, however. The hot topic has drawn so much attention, that he's going to run a follow up episode on apple juice on September 21st.