Keyboard, telephone, bathroom stall: Which is the filthiest of them all?

Keyboard, telephone, bathroom stall: Which is the filthiest of them all?

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Door handles. Drinking fountains. Toilets. Telephones.

We touch them every day, but are these familiar surfaces putting our health at risk?
After testing 12 different household surfaces for bacteria with the help of Oregon State, KVAL News uncovered grime growing almost everywhere.

Josh Alinger's shoe and a reusable grocery bag had more than 250 colonies growing on them...

And the thing Josh said he touches most often - a computer keyboard - was the third filthiest of them all.

As it turns out, the toilet, the remote control and the cell phone were among the cleanest surfaces we tested.

But as for the shoe, grocery bag and keyboard, all tested positive for a common cause of foodborne illnesses.

Dr. Linda Bruslind at Oregon State University said the microbes found in the test, however, are nothing to be alarmed about.

"Most of these surfaces are not going to come in contact with food, with a few exceptions," she said.

Bruslind said the best way to avoid the threat of microbes turning dangerous is simple.

"Frequent handwashing, particularly after using the bathroom, before preparing food," she said.

In the end, the filthy truth lurking in Josh's personal things wasn't too painful, he said.

But from now on he's thinking twice before touching any type of surface - just to be on the safe side.

"I'm definitely going to use hand sanitizer and wash my hands more often when I use those keyboards."