Kids could be excluded from Coos County schools

Kids could be excluded from Coos County schools

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Many students in Coos County may not be able to go to school after February 20, because they haven't been immunized.

More than 430 students in the county haven't had all the shots required or their records updated, so the county health department sent out exclusion letters to parents.

Lena Hawtin from the health department told KCBY News that many students are still catching up on new shots required a couple of years ago. "Well, of course there would be an outbreak of disease, like recently we've had an outbreak in the Coos Bay School District of whooping cough, pertussis, so we're encouraging anyone 10 years of age and older, adolescent to adults, get their T-dap boosters if they haven't done so already."

The Coos Bay school district nurse, Karen Brown, expects all of her students to be cleared by the 20th.

You can take your kids to the Coos County Health Department this Saturday from 10am until 2pm to have them vaccinated.