Medical marijuana activists critical of Obama

Medical marijuana activists critical of Obama

EUGENE, Ore. - Medical marijuana activists gathered at federal buildings across the country Thursday, protesting what they call President Barack Obama's aggressive, anti-medical marijuana agenda.

"He was going to leave hands off medical marijuana patients, going to low priority," said Sam Chapman from Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Chapman said the Obama administration said "we're not going to go busting medical patients based on laws that have been passed in individual states that allow for medical marijuana to be used and he has not kept those promises at all."

But federal agents have raided the clinics that distribute medical marijuana, as well as farms where the drug is grown.

"No president since the Nixon administration has attacked the American people with so many different agencies," said Jim Greig from Americans for Safe Access, "and it's time for him to stop."

The protesters said they'll carry their message to the president from now until November.