Meet Coos County's new Public Health administrator

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Florence Pourtal-Stevens

NORTH BEND, Ore. - When Nikki Zogg resigned from her position as Coos County Public Health administrator in March, the search to fill the position began.

Coos County officials conducted a nationwide search for a replacement.

Florence Pourtal-Stevens started on the job nearly a month ago.

Florence is French, but spent much of her childhood in Africa.

She attributes her passion for traveling and diverse cultural background to helping vulnerable people

Now she gets to live out that passion by working to better public health in Coos County.    

"I'm looking forward to work with community members and to get to meet everybody and to continue working on the community health improvement plan, and make Coos County a healthier place to live in," she said. "I also would like to continue in the steps of the two administrators before me. I think they've been working really hard at making Coos County a healthier county, and so this is what my goal is for now."

Pourtal-Stevens has a long resume. She most recently worked in early childhood development in Portland. Before that she did aid work in Africa and Asia for about 10 years.