Bird is built out of its own demise

Bird is built out of its own demise

BANDON, Ore. -Similar to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, a large majestic rendering of a bird, rises from the trash lining the South Coast Beaches.

Like the Mythological Phoenix, Avery is the name of the bird now towering over Hwy 101, brought to reality using the very substances that environmentalist say threatens shore birds along the Oregon Coast.
Organized by Bandon Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi, it's all part of Art 101's, "Washed Ashore Project."   

Pozzi says over 500 volunteers have contributed thousands of hours sorting plastic and cutting up shoes to help complete this project.

"It's really a project which involves the whole community in the whole area. Those in Coos and Curry Counties have been picking up beach debris, picking it up, bringing it here, we process it, turn it into art supplies and make giant sculptures."

Standing at an impressive 12 ft high and with a wing span of 22 ft, it appears to be a real attention grabber for tourists, which is just the kind of reaction they're looking for.  Made entirely out of trash found on the beach, Pozzi says this gives them an opportunity to tout the downside, to not only littering, but our daily use of plastics.

"Really the reason we're doing a bird is because of the connection of sea birds with the plastic, it's really devastating what's happening," said Pozzi.  "And the really important message is that the plastics last forever and things that we dispose of or eat in five minutes will last 500 years in the environment."

Soon, Avery will take flight to spread the message to other communities as well, heading to a Bioneers Conference in California on October 13.
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