Disc golfers will be getting new course in North Bend

Disc golfers will be getting new course in North Bend
NORTH BEND, ORE - While Bandon earns the title of South Coast Golf Mecca, to the north, the Bay Area is starting to make a big move towards becoming the South Coast Disc Golf Mecca.

For those who don't know, instead of golf balls and holes, disc golf is played with specially designed Frisbees and target baskets.

It also has a strong underground following across the nation.

"Doc" Neil Esteves sees an opportunity to bring a lot of those folks to this area to play. And, to help do that, he and the West Coast Flyers Disc Golf Club are working with the City of North Bend and area businesses to build a new course in the Airport Heights area of North Bend.

Esteves says it is Southwest Oregon Regional Airport property that he understands is being leased to the City of North Bend and run by the City Parks and Rec. Department. "The local disc golf club, West Coast Flyers, we are helping the City Parks and Rec maintain and take care of it as well."

With a lot of volunteer hours, and help from local logger Lane Major, they have cleared a number of dead trees from this park to create holes number one and ten, with the two tees sharing one target basket.

This will be the third course with target baskets in the Bay Area and has been a true community effort.

If you would like to help the effort to build this new course just contact "Doc" Esteves at 541-269-9064.