The Salvation Army will begin accepting Christmas applications

The Salvation Army will begin accepting Christmas applications
They've been serving our community for more than 110 years and this year's holiday season will be no different as the Salvation Army put together a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and will soon start organizing festivities for Christmas.

The Salvation Army, located in Empire, has been a pivotal part of the community since 1898.

Twenty volunteers worked together to feed those in need. Susan Jones with the Salvation Army says, during this year's Thanksgiving feast, she definitely felt the economic downturn.

"This year we have a lot more people," says Jones. "70 people requested deliveries and we've served almost 100 people here in the building and we definitely noticed a larger amount of people and we also cooked more this year so we would be ready for it."

Along with this Thanksgiving feast, Jones says next week on December first, second and third, the Salvation Army will be accepting applications for food boxes and toys for Christmas.

"The people that are low income can sign up for food and toys for their family for Christmas and this is something we've been doing for years also, at least 100 years," says Jones.

To fill out an application, stop by the Salvation Army on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from noon to two PM. Applicants must bring personal identification, proof of income, and proof of every person living in the home.

The Salvation Army is located at 1155 Flanagan Street in Empire.