Why was officer shot? 'This appears to be just some random act'

Why was officer shot? 'This appears to be just some random act'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Like peeling back layers of an onion, investigators are trying to uncover details of the life of 56-year-old Cheryl Kidd.    

Springfield Police Chief Jerry Smith said they are still working on a possible motive in the shooting death of Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen.

"That's what's so strange about it," Smith said. "This appears to be just some random act that occurred, for no good particular reason."

Springfield police are holding Kidd's 1998 Buick sedan for evidence. The car is full of camping gear, fishing poles, tarps - and a trunk lid secured by duct tape.  

Police also recovered the gun they believe is the murder weapon: a .38 caliber revolver.

"We know what she told us about why she had the gun," Smith told KVAL News. "We don't want to release that kind of information." Police typically withhold some details in criminal cases to aid the investigation and prosecution of the case.

KVAL News checked court records for Kidd's criminal background and found no history. Smith said there's only a traffic citation for reckless driving in the recent past. 

She lived at the Royal Chateau Apartments in Springfield.

The manager of the apartments would agree to an interview, but KVAL News talked to several neighbors who had limited contact with Kidd.

"I spent some years working in the mental health system and professionally, I keyed on possibly that she was off her meds," said Bill Noel, one of Kidd's neighbors, "but then again i didn't know if she was on meds."

"My point of view: if she had a problem, she should have asked people for help, not take what she did on herself," said Rodney Carver.

KVAL News also tried to talk to Kidd's brother, but he refused comment.

Diane Holmes attended Kidd's arraignment on Monday "to support her, for moral support, but I can't discuss anything else," she said. Holmes said she had known Kidd for 10 years through a support group for adults with developmental disabilities.

Kidd remains in the Lane County Jail without bail.