OSU Building Boom Rolls On

OSU Building Boom Rolls On

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Call it "growing pains" or a huge building boom, but whatever it is, it's not slowing down at Oregon State University.

KVAL's Tom Adams says the latest project is a student study center that's aimed at helping all students.

Sorry-- no ground-breaking in the rain at Oregon State Tuesday.

For this project, they'll have to take out a paved parking lot.

"The timing couldn't be better," says Susie Brubaker-Cole, Associate Provost for Academic Success at O-S-U.

Campus officials are set to build a $14-million Student Success Center, just north of Reser Stadium.

It will feature classroom space, computer labs and more room for student tutoring.

More academic help for a growing campus.

Oregon State's Assistant Vice President, Todd Simmons, explains, "We're now up to 24,000 students and by all indications we'll be well up over 25,000, maybe closer to 26,000 students this fall."

At first, the project was going to be just for O-S-U student athletes. That policy at the University of Oregon's Jaqua Center has angered many non-athletic students.

Reporter Tom Adams asked Simmons, "Given the controversy to your brethren to the south (U-O) over the Jaqua Center--how much did that controversy enter into your thinking here?"

Simmons: "Well, I think as with most things, OSU does its own, follows its own path."

Provosts say all students will have access to the new center when it opens next year.  

Brubaker-Cole told KVAL, "It's the perfect timing to have this new building come up for us to expand services and help more students in their success at OSU."

Officials say it comes during what Simmons calls, an historic building boom.

From the nearly completed Linus Pauling Center--to the student housing-study center off of Western Boulevard, it's busy this spring and summer at the OSU campus.

$320 million of projects are in progress or in the planning stage.

Simmons adds, "That portends really well for the continued growth of the university and for the success of the students who come here."

Look for the Student Success Center to open June 2012.     

O-S-U President Ed Ray says his plan is to grow the university by nearly one-third and have as many as 35,000 students by the year 2025.