Antiques Roadshow: $500K find

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EUGENE, Ore. - They came with their "treasures." Old clocks, guns, chairs, family heirlooms.

"I brought my husband's junior high trombone that he got used and bought for $100," said Nancy from Ashland, Ore.

For the first time, the popular TV series "Antiques Roadshow" was in Eugene Saturday, taping three episodes from inside the Lane Events Center.

"We haven't screened any of the ticket holders' items," said event producer Amy Santamaria. "We don't know what's coming through the doors and it's really, every one has an equal opportunity to be on the show, have their items featured."

Throughout the day, thousands of people wound their way through the two room convention center, most of them knowing this was the chance of a lifetime.

"It's not something I expected to happen," said Greg from Portland. "We entered a lottery to get a ticket and we got lucky in the lottery."

He and 6,000 lucky fans, randomly selected from more than 24,000, got to meet with professional appraisers to find out the history behind their antiques and how much they may be worth.

"It's an old airplane landing gear, main gear off a bi-plane pre World War 1," said Doug, an antique collector from Cottage Grove. "If it was valuable, that would be great."

One treasure was particularly valuable: a 1919 Norman Rockwell painting valued at $500,000. The painting ties for the second-most-valuable item the show has seen in its history.  In 2009, someone brought in a Clyfford Still oil painting for appraisal, also valued at $500,000.

"As we start our sixteenth season here in Eugene, we couldn't be more excited about such an extraordinary, rare treasure, and we look forward to sharing it with America," said Antiques Roadshow Executive Producer Marsha Bemko.

Some people drove from as far away as Wyoming to find out what their items are worth.

Nancy, from Ashland, said she brought her grandmother's Civil War quilt to be appraised.

"It was made in 1861 to 1865. He said it was in beautiful shape and the colors were amazing and it was probably worth about $1,000."

But not everyone got the news they were hoping for.

"We just found out today it was only worth about $50 so no great treasure here," said Angelo about his wine decanter.

Still, almost everyone said this was a unique experience they'll never forget.