Friends remember slain Eugene Police Officer with weekend events

Friends remember slain Eugene Police Officer with weekend events »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Friends of fallen Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen offered up a labor of love Saturday.

Since his death in April, the community has used a stretch of OR-126 as a memorial, the spot where Kilcullen was shot and killed in the line of duty.
But grass and debris started taking over where flags and flowers were placed.

"About ten inches more grass, it was pretty tall," said Kilcullen's friend Joe Pishioneri. "And most everything was covered."

Friends volunteered their morning mowing, raking and re-planting flags.
But for some friends, it was a hard reminder of what they lost.

"It kinda hit me, it was kinda a little bit of a reality check that you know this really happened, this was a deep loss that we all felt and I still feel it," said friend Bob Holland.

"Chris deserves the respect that he's getting here today and his family and so we want to show it," added Pishioneri.

In Eugene, friends gathered to remember Kilcullen in a different way -- a motorcycle ride.

"When I originally thought up this idea, I thought I'd have about 20 people or so and there's more than 250 people here," said organizer Brian Antone.

Motorcyclists took a 248-mile ride through Southern Oregon, the mile number mirroring Kilcullen's badge number.

"He's a hero to a lot of people and he deserves to be remembered and he deserves to be honored," said Antone.