Man warned not to take pictures of potential jurors

Man warned not to take pictures of potential jurors
COQUILLE, Ore. -- Jury selection may have taken just a little longer than anticipated for the trial of the man accused of killing Leah Freeman, but it was an incident outside the courthouse that created a bigger stir Wednesday.

The trial of Nick McGuffin will now officially proceed on Thursday, as a jury was finalized at about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier says the process took a little longer than with your average case, because of all of the pre-trial publicity that this long unsolved case had generated.

"We wanted to make sure we did things right." However, Frasier added, taking a day or a day-and-a-half, under the circumstances, is not a big deal.

What was a big deal was a man spotted outside the courthouse taking pictures of potential jurors during a break. Readily identifiable by the big "juror" button on their shirts and jackets.

"There was an individual that decided that he wanted to photograph the jurors, which is strictly prohibited." Frasier said law enforcement approached the man and told him to stop taking pictures, but he reacted angrily.

"You cannot photograph jurors. Period. And he's been told that. I don't know if he got the message: don't do it," Frasier said. "Because he will get prosecuted if he does."

The 12 jurors and two alternates, who will not be sequestered, were led on a tour of pertinent sites later in the afternoon on Wednesday.

They will be back in court for opening arguments on July 7, 2011, starting at about 9 a.m.