Coquille Police Chief puts rumors to rest

Coquille Police Chief puts rumors to rest
COQUILLE, ORE. - Rumors have been running rampant around the Bay Area about a possible double murder/suicide in Coquille.

Now, normally KCBY would never report on a rumor, but to put the community at ease and get the truth out there, we went straight to the source, the Coquille Police Department.

KCBY has received numerous calls and tips regarding a horrific incident that's thought to have happened at a house on the corner of North Elliot and Tenth Street.

Thursday, we went out and did some investigating.

Turns out, the rumors regarding a double murder/suicide are just not true.

Police Chief Janice Blue says, no one died at the home, police were simply out there executing a search warrant.

Chief Blue wouldn't elaborate on the details of the warrant considering it's under investigation, but did say she's trying to determine whether a crime occurred at the home at all.

She went onto say, if a double murder/suicide did happen, she would alert media outlets immediately.

Chief Blue says she's boggled by the elaboration of these swirling rumors, but wants the community to know, they simply are not true.