Day surgery center in NBMC gives us a peek into their O-R

Day surgery center in NBMC gives us a peek into their O-R
North Bend Medical Center partook in the nationally recognized ASC Open House Day Thursday, ASC standing for Ambulatory Surgery Center, and gave the community a peek inside their OR.

Sally Kay, the center's day surgery manager says, they're a good alternative to hospital care because they only do surgeries, so they're really good at it.

"We do anything from just taking off a little lesion with an anesthetic to laparoscopic procedures. We do bariatrics here, we do orthopedics, knee arthroscopes, sinus surgeries, lots of colonoscopies, we do lots and lots of those, and it's an excellent screening test for anyone for colon cancer," says Kay.

Although the day surgery center has been in North Bend Medical Center for 26 years, few people seem to know about it.

"We just wanted the community to know we're here. We get a lot of patients down here and they say, 'gosh we didn't even know you had a surgery department here' and we sure do. We've been certified by Medicare since 1985, which is a long time, so we've been here a long time," replies Kay.

She went onto say, the turnout to the center's first ever day surgery open house was so good, they plan to have another one next year.