100-year-old birthday girl reveals her secret to a long life

100-year-old birthday girl reveals her secret to a long life »Play Video
Emma in 1956

ELKTON, Ore. -- For Emma Monner, who celebrated her 100th birthday party at the Elkton Community Educational Center Saturday, longevity is all about good clean living.

"Take it easy. In everything, take it easy," she said while sitting next to her little brother, 99-year-old John Steiner.

In addition to living a stress-free life, Monner said the secret to long life is eating well and "behaving yourself."
While holding a beer and laughing Steiner said, "You have to eat good food and drink."
Also at the party were dozens of Monner's relatives and friends from the community.
Monner's grandaughter Yvonne Arasmith came down from Seattle to put the event together.
"The last 100 years she's seen so much history, it's just incredible," said Arasmith. "And she has a great family that supports her."
Monner said family has meant a lot to her over the years. In fact, four generations came to her party to celebrate the big day.
Six-year-old Megan Zetzsche is Monner's great, great grandaughter. She said she is amazed at how long her grandmother has lived.
"I thought she'd be dead by now, but she just keeps living," she said twirling around in her purple tutu.

But other than a recent broken hip, Monner said she is still in great health.