'Little thought process other than eliminating the danger

'Little thought process other than eliminating the danger
Billy Denney recalls how he and Brent Alvarez helped thwart an armed robbery Nov. 2 in LA.

EUGENE, Ore. - As he and Brent Alvarez held the armed robber on the ground waiting for Los Angeles police to arrive, Billy Denney had a talk with the man.

"Live with the decision you made now," the mixed martial arts fighter recalled telling the man who tried to rob a hotel clerk - only to run into Alvarez and Denney. "Make the right decisions from this point forward."

Mixed martial arts fighters from around the world have called to congratulate the Eugene-based duo, who were in LA to compete in the World Jiujitsu Tournament.

The two thwarted an armed robbery late Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the Comfort Inn where they were stay.

Denney said they don't consider themselves heroes, just people who did the right thing at the right time.

The Los Angeles Police Department posted video of the dramatic holdup on YouTube.

The video shows the suspect pulling a gun on the hotel clerk. Later, two men step out from an elevator. The men proceed to wrestle the attacker to the ground, knock away the gun and hold him until police arrive.

"We were gone from the lobby for about two minutes," Denney said. "I don't know if it was fate, but we came back down the elevator to get new keys, and we see the clerk looking right at us - and then he runs right after the suspect.

"My training kicked in and there was really little thought process other than eliminating the danger," he said.