Kudos extended as Operation Black Ice wraps up

Kudos extended as Operation Black Ice wraps up
NORTH BEND - It was the largest methamphetamine trafficking case that southern Oregon has ever seen, and on Monday, some of the central law enforcement figures in "Operation Black Ice" were honored in North Bend.

In March of 2005, following an 18-month investigation, 11 search warrants were executed, leading to more than six pounds of meth being confiscated from Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties. Ultimately, 24 indictments were handed down in the case.

It was also instrumental in determining how drugs were coming into Oregon, through other states, from Mexico.

U.S. Attorney Karin Immergut says meth trafficking in southern Oregon was badly damaged by the operation. "That doesn't mean it's impossible to get. They are seeing higher levels of cocaine now, coming into the region, so in that sense it has had an impact. It has made it very tough for traffickers to bring methamphetamine into the region."

Those recognized for their efforts included Coos County D.A. Paul Frasier, Coos County Deputy, Corporal Jeff Grant, retired Detective Craig Zanni, North Bend Police Sergeant Buddy Young, SCINT Director Toby Floyd, Julie Simpson, also with SCINT, and Roseburg Police Officer David Dunn.

Officials say the interaction between local law enforcement, the DEA and state and local prosecutors was instrumental.

Immergut adds, "it's critically important for state, local and federal law enforcement to work very closely together to really have an impact. Particularly when you've got international drug organizations that are preying on Oregon."

The last two of the 24 indicted in the case are expected to be sentenced this month.

Those already sentenced have received anywhere from probation up to 12 years in federal prison.