Two Coos Bay dogs land on national magazine cover

Two Coos Bay dogs land on national magazine cover
COOS BAY, Ore. - From animal shelters to the cover of a national magazine, two local dogs make it to the big time with a little help from their owner.

Earlier this year, Coos Bay resident Liz Dodge took a chance and entered her dogs into a cover dog contest for Bark Magazine, a national magazine dedicated to dogs and their owners.

"I was Internet surfing one night and I subscribe to Bark Magazine," Dodge said. "They asked to submit a photo and a 150 word essay."

Dodge never thought she'd get a phone call saying her dogs had been selected out of close to 6,000 applicants to be on the 10th anniversary cover.

Soon after, Dodge and her four dogs -- Jammer, Tru, Mick and Jig -- were on their way to Portland for a professional photo shoot with renowned animal photographer Amanda Jones.

"We shot for four hours in a professional studio which was neat," Dodge said. "They took 500 photos. It took them a while to decide which one to choose. They wanted something that was facing forward so the buyer of the magazine could see it."

Jammer, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and Tru, a Border Collie, ended up making the front cover.

"All of my dogs are rescues and I'm very proud of that. They came from shelters around the state. Jammer was found on the side of Powers Highway and Tru, just nine months ago was about to be put to sleep." says Dodge.

Almost all her dogs are used to being the spotlight, competing in national agility tests.

So how did they react to being photographed?

"Jammer loved it, he had a really good time," Dodge said. "Tru, after three hours was getting pretty tired, he looked like 'I'm over this'."

Dodge says it was a fun experience and would love to do it again.

As for Jammer and Tru, they aren't letting their new found fame get to their heads.