Coos County hears from candidates

Coos County hears from candidates
COOS BAY, Ore. -As the Special District Elections and the highly contested Recall Election draw near, the League of Women Voters of Coos County hold a public forum Wednesday night for candidates to address the public formally.

Moderated by KCBY's very own Tim Novotny, voters of Coos County heard from candidates running for contested seats in the Airport District, as well as Southwestern Oregon Community College Boards.

Jennifer Growth with the League of Women Voters says the main goal of this event is to provide voter education.

"it's important to us that people vote and that they are educated voters," says Growth. "We like to provide forums so that people can know more about the candidate and more about the issues involved in the election and vote."

But receiving top billing, is the recall of Coos County Commissioner Kevin Stufflebean. Chief Petitioner Larry Van Elsberg faced off with the commissioner for one last time before next weeks election.

They brought up issues regarding safety, funding and contracting jobs out but ultimately they refuted Stufflebean's intentions about being up-front about the county road department layoffs.

"We feel Kevin is guilty of closed door politics and not being upfront with the public and employees," says Van Elsberg. "No public notice was given about the road department layoffs."

According to Stufflebean, "We very specifically followed the Public Management Laws that we are required to follow and even though individuals still declare that we didn't follow the right process, the issue is that we didn't follow their process and that was wrong."

You have until May 5 to cast your vote for the Recall Election. Meanwhile, Special District Election ballots will be mailed out to all registered voters on Friday, May 1.

If you missed Wednesday night's voter forum, you can catch it in its entirety on public access, channel 14 on Charter and 73 on Comspan, beginning Friday.