Kingdom Hall opens it's doors to the public

Kingdom Hall opens it's doors to the public
NORTH BEND, ORE - In May, the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall was built swiftly, in just eight days, and they recently invited folks from the community to check out the new building.

People were in and out of the new building in North Bend all day long last Saturday, to see the Hall that was built entirely by a volunteer labor force of hundreds.

People from all over Oregon came in to help build, with congregation member Richard Scott saying that their largest turnout one day was at about 700. "Normally we had anywhere from four to five hundred people on a given day, that all had some specific assignments, with safety being one of the number one things."

There were actually two buildings built and Scott says they are looking forward to using them as educational facilities.

The Jehovah's Witnesses also say they appreciate the surrounding neighbors for their support and patience during the construction.