Glasgow, Scotland meet Glasgow, Oregon

Glasgow, Scotland meet Glasgow, Oregon
GLASGOW, Ore. - As the self-proclaimed unofficial mayor of Glasgow, Jack Stevens doesn't like to make any visitor feel unwelcome.

"We like to show it off, even though were rural and show our hospitality."

So when he found out two weeks ago, he would be getting a visit from a man by the name of Mike Slavin from Glasgow, Scotland, Stevens knew he had to roll out the welcome mat.

"This is great, I only wish I had known this was how it was gonna be, I would have done things differently," said Stevens.

For the next year, Slavin will travel across the United States by car, visiting each and every Glasgow on the map, which included a stop in Glasgow just north of the McCullough Bridge on Wednesday.

"The U.S. Geological Survey says there are 20 Glasgow's in the United States and I'm going to visit all of them," said Stevens.

So how did he come up with this crazy idea?

The retired computer programmer says he was doing an Internet search one night for Glasgow, Montana after watching a program on television.

Once he got on the Internet though, he ended up finding out there was more than one Glasgow in the United States, and so the trip was born.

"It gave me this big list and i was like, I have nothing else to do, why don't I get out and see the world, I have always wanted to see small town America and I've always wanted to get out of big cities so here's an excuse to do it, so i did it."

At each stop, Slavin is handing out some presents from Scotland.

He's also taking a piece of each city back with him.

"I shall visit all the others, take a photo of myself, find out how they became known as Glasgow, things like that," said Slavin.

And as for Stevens, he made sure Slavin got the most out of his visit, giving him two hats, and a bottle of wine.

Said Stevens,"I hope he realizes what a nice group of people we are."