Kids learn how to grow their own grub

Kids learn how to grow their own grub
COQUILLE, Ore. - During the summer, many times kids don't get the proper nutrition in their diets. But one summer camp is aiming to change that, teaching them the importance of growin' their own grub.

Close to 20 kids are taking part in the week-long OSU Extension Service "Growin' Yer Grub" Summer Day Camp in Coquille.

The goal is to teach kids how to grow their own food, and what to do after they grow it.

"Today they're learning a little bit more about botany and putting together a plant part salad. So they're learning a little about nutrition and plants at the same time. We'll be doing some other non-food related activities like building bird houses and some things that can incorporate some gardening," says Kimberly Phillips, OSU Extension Master Gardener Coordinator.

Kids are also given the opportunity to learn about plants, insects, ecology, cooking and food safety.

"I think it's really important for kids to learn where their food comes from and to have a part in growing it themselves," says Phillips.

"Families are so busy these days that a lot of parents might not have the time to get their kids outdoors and exposed to certain gardening activities so i think this is a great opportunity for them," adds 4-H Program Assistant Heather Lilienthal.

The camp is a combined effort between the Oregon State University Extension Service, OSU Master Gardeners, Coos County Family Food Educators and 4-H.

There is still space available for the North Bend camp on August 18th through the 21st.

The cost is $35.

To sign up your child or for more information call the OSU Extension Office at 572-5263.