Protester: 'We're targeting KCBY but not because of what they do'

Protester: 'We're targeting KCBY but not because of what they do' »Play Video

COOS BAY and ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Protesters decried what they described as biased reporting by the media by picketing Friday outside The News-Review newspaper and KPIC TV in Roseburg, Ore., and the Coos Bay World newspaper and KCBY TV in Coos Bay, Ore.

KPIC TV and KCBY TV are both owned by Fisher Communications, which also owns KVAL TV and

The protests were said to be part of a larger movement attempting to protest outside media outlets across the country Saturday behind the slogan "Can you hear us now?"

In Coos Bay, protesters peacefully chanted "Can you hear us now?" while holding signs saying "fair media coverage" and "report the truth." They started at the newspaper office, then rallied in front of KCBY.

"We're targeting KCBY but not because of what they do," said protestor Adella Robison. "It's the national media problem, and you do belong to a network, and that's what we want, the regular networks are refraining from publishing things or putting out information about the corruption in the government."

KVAL, KCBY and KPIC are affiliates of CBS.

"Let people know in America that we can't have this debt, we can't go bankrupt, our currency is losing it's value, there's nothing left for us," Robison said.

In Roseburg, more than a dozen protesters targeted the two major media outlets in Roseburg. They marched in front of both businesses with signs demanding integrity in journalism.

"Well a lot of us are kind of fed up with the biased reporting," Paula McMillan said, "or actually not reporting the facts on TV and in the newspaper about what's going on in the country,"

"The News-Review is a biased, liberal biased newsapaper and doesn't report all the facts," Tom Courville said. "What it does report is probably factual, but it just doesn't report the whole story, so it leaves a different attitude when you read it."

News-Review publisher Mark Raymond said he feels the paper does a good job of balancing their coverage.

"It's not an agenda-driven newspaper," he said. "What we try to do is report the news people are going to be most interested in reading about."

The protestors moved to the KPIC studios later in the day. They said they don't feel CBS News gives them accurate news.

"The news media has left us, especially the print, but also the TV stations," Marlene Pickens said, "and I know we watch FOX News now becasue we want to get some of the facts."

The protesters had a lot to say about what they said was a media bias towards the Obama campaign in the 2008 presidential election.