Coos County Prosecutor tops in DUII field

Coos County Prosecutor tops in DUII field
Coquille - It's both an indication of a prosecutor doing an excellent job, as well as a problem on the South Coast that doesn't seem to be getting any better.

A Coos County Deputy District Attorney is tops in the state when it comes to prosecuting drunk drivers.

Nominated for the honor by her boss, District Attorney Paul Burgett, Brentley Foster received word of the honor last month.

She says she has been lucky enough to work with fantastic law enforcement officers and great D.A.'s offices, here as well as in Jackson County.

The DUII cases are not only tough to prosecute, but they also tend to go to trial more often than other types of cases.

It remains to be seen why more drivers in Coos County are not getting the message that it doesn't pay to drink and drive, but District Attorney Paul Burgett is hoping that this award might help drive home that message.

Last year, Coos County had about twice the number of DUII cases, per-capita, as Benton County. And Benton County is home to a college town, and Burgett says that's not something to brag about.