Friends and local business say so long to Seahawk Seafood

Friends and local business say so long to Seahawk Seafood
CHARLESTON, Ore. -After 19 years of business, the owner of Seahawk Seafood in Charleston is closing up shop this week and moving on to greener pastures.

George Paynter has been working in the fishing industry for 27 years. Now in his 80's, Paynter announced last month that he's ready to retire and is interested in taking up farming.

Friends, family and local business supporters gathered outside Seahawk Seafood Friday afternoon to bid farewell to George and his business partner, Jodi Hill.

According to Hill it's been a fun ride but the ups and downs of the fishing industry definitely left their mark.

"We really really had our hay day. It was a lot of fun and I wouldn't have missed a minute of it for any reason at all. Look around and you can see the kind of support we have from our community and the Salmon Season closure was definitely a boom, we lost approximately $350,000."

As old friends snacked on their shrimp cocktails and shared stories from business here on the Boat Basin, Hill couldn't help feel the nostalgia in the air.

"I think that they're going to miss George a lot. You know if I had $10 for every person that's come to me in the last three weeks and said oh my gosh you guys, we're so sorry that you're leaving. And I'd like to continue to bring that product to the customer you know, it's just very difficult."

Seahawk Seafood will close for good this Wednesday, February 10.