Engineers of tomorrow meet Engineers of today at SOCC

Engineers of tomorrow meet Engineers of today at SOCC
COOS BAY, Ore. -In recognition of National Engineers Week, local engineers and colleges are hoping to grab the attention of students by promoting a whole new generation in the program.

Over 70 high school students from the South Coast were invited to Southwestern Oregon Community College Wednesday night, for the 4th Annual Engineers Dinner.

There, they conversed with reps from four different colleges in Oregon, as well as several local firms to find out more about what their programs have to offer and their job marketability.

According to the President of Professional Engineers of Oregon's Southwestern Chapter, Susana Noordhoff, "It's showing the high school kids what's available in engineering for the long term and the tremendous variety within engineering. Everything from nuclear engineering, electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical and surveying as well."

With all that variety, students say it's difficult to settle on a particular school but that this event gave them more options to consider.

Michael Loescher of North Bend High School said, "People are helpful, like there's a lot of good presentation and I come up to them they list everything, they're good. I learned a lot."

Students attending this event were selected by their school based on their high skill level in math and science, a necessity for those interested in engineering.