Shipwreck emerges from sand near Coos Bay

Shipwreck emerges from sand near Coos Bay »Play Video

COOS BAY, Ore. -- High seas and low tides exposed the skeleton of a 1929 shipwreck on the Oregon Coast.

Beachcombers are checking out the remains of the Sujameco, clearly visible on Horsfall Beach on Friday.

Portions of the shipwreck are visible each winter, but recent tides and weather conditions have helped expose more of the remains of the ship.

"I've seen it off and on over the last 10 years that I've been coming out here," said Larry Plews. "Sometimes there's only little pieces of it sticking up. I always keep an eye out for it."

The ship itself was built in 1920 and was used to haul goods in and out of Coos Bay. Coos Historical and Maritime Museum's collections manager, Vicki Wiese, tells us the ship ran aground in heavy fog in March 1929.

"It was coming up from San Francisco at night and just blew past the entrance to Coos Bay," she said. "It was coming up to pick up a load of fur to take to the East Coast, and the ship grounded.



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"It sat there from 1929 until the beginning of World War II, when they cut what was left of the hull up for scrap," Wiese said.

Wiese said the last time she thinks the ship was exposed like this was in 2007.   

If you want to see the Sujameco for yourself, the site is right by the last parking lot at Horsfall Beach.