Celebrating Earth Day with art

Celebrating Earth Day with art

BANDON, Ore. - Someones trash is another's treasure, and in some cases art and an educational tool, at least that's the case for one local artist, who took her message on the road to a local school for Earth Day.

Bandon artist Angela Pozzi, lead the Earth Day event Friday at Ocean Crest Elementary School.
Since the beginning of the year, Pozzi, has been leading a community based art project called "Washed Ashore" which encourages people to pick garbage up off the beach and turn it into art.

Students got into the act too, building sea turtles, birds and jellyfish and at the same time, learning a bit about beaches and the ocean.

"We're having conversations about what should you find on the beach, and they're like, not plastic. We've got an icky sandbox where kids go in through it and they're having to sort out and see if they can find a shell and there's a few in there."
All these pieces of art will join others already created, on a touring exhibition around the state.

"This is an art exhibit that's going to go to museums so it has to be high caliber, but a lot of this work is kindergarten level, stringing plastics onto fishing line and hanging it."
For more information about the "Washed Ashore" Project, log onto www.washedashoreart.org.