Reedsport narrows down Chief candidates

Reedsport narrows down Chief candidates
REEDSPORT, Ore. -Not willing to settle for anything less than the best, the City of Reedsport has once again brought in some final candidates to fill the role of Police Chief.

An informal meet and greet was held Sunday afternoon at the Discovery Center, where community members were encouraged to interact with the four potential candidates and give any feedback to city officials.

According to City Manager, Scott Sommers, these men have gone through a rigorous background check and interview process but it's ultimately a community hire.

"The four finalists, candidates that we have today can all do the job. They've all the credentials, the education, the background etc., to do a wonderful job," said Sommers. "We're really looking at now, who's going to be the best fit for our community, for Reedsport."

The City has been searching to fill this role, since the former Chief of Police, Shawn Essex resigned back in September. Since then, the squad has been operating under former Chief, John Smart and Sommers himself. But he agrees they're ready for someone to fill the permanent role.

"I think the department is really looking for some type of leadership. They really want to get behind a chief that they have a lot of respect for and that can help move then and the department forward in positive directions," said Sommers.

He believes a final decision for the new Chief of Police is expected to be made this week.