Shooting range has organizers fired up

Shooting range has organizers fired up
BANDON, Ore. - it's been at least 20 years in the making, but at last there's finally some movement on the ground for a new gun range and shooting facility in Coos County, that's likely to get fans all fired up.

Busy falling trees these past few weeks at their new site behind the Beaver Hill Landfill, off HWY 101, the Tioga Sports Park Association has cleared several permit hurdles and are now clearing a path for their first shooting range.

According to Board Member John Toman, they struggled for years to find the right location that fit their needs, as well as neighbors in the surrounding area. But now, as they prepare for some Ground Engineering, Toman says he's grateful the County saw a need in this facility and offered up a 99 year lease for the 120 acres of property.

"The County has been very gracious in working with us because they realize the need in this County for these facilities," said Toman. "It's for the use of the Hunters Safety Program, its to actually have a good facility for teaching hunters."

Currently, they're clearing 20 to 30 acres for the first shooting range. Toman says this million dollar project will likely be done in stages, as funding comes in from grants and donors to add on to.

"Try to get some of the facility, at least for people to sight in for targeting, but eventually we're going to have a 600 yard range and we're going to have a tactical range for law enforcement and a pistol range and then hopefully, eventually an archery range and some other facilities."

Up first will be a small 100 yard range they hope to have done by this Fall, although Toman says that could be overly optimistic.