Bat houses join fight against Bandon mosquitoes

Bat houses join fight against Bandon mosquitoes

BANDON, Ore. - So far, residents haven't reported any major mosquito problems.

The county's new vector control committee hopes to keep it that way.

Sections of the Bandon Marsh have been sprayed with larvacide since early May.

In addition to spraying, vector control will be handing out around 100 bat houses within the next couple of weeks to help mitigate future mosquitos.

"We couldn't have enough bats to kill off all the mosquitos that were here," said Roger Straus with the Coos County Vector Control Committee. "But it's another natural alternative that some people have requested, so everything's in place; it's just the matter of getting the money and getting them built."

Mosquitoes found a welcome home in the marsh last year, prompting a response by local and federal officials.

"US Fish and Wildlife is going to start a project and correct the drainage on the marsh so we won't have the standing water problems," Straus said, "so it will be a 'permanent solution' to this problem."