Calling 911 not a guarantee they can find you

Calling 911 not a guarantee they can find you

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- If you're having an emergency, officials want to remind you that sometimes, you can't expect dispatchers to always be able to pinpoint your location.

Although TV shows like CSI may have you believe its simple to locate a call, it turns out technology in rural areas is just not that accurate.

Ann Rokosi, a dispatcher with the Coos County Sheriff's Department, told KCBY News the data they receive can sometimes be as far as fifteen blocks from where you actually are. "From a cell phone, I might even get it so accurate I can plot what side of the street it's on," she said. "Maybe not the specific house, but pretty darn close. Out in some of the rural areas, we may not get any location information at all in some of the really, rugged rural areas."

Rokosi says you should always be aware of your surroundings and watch for mile markers and landmarks.

Ultimately, without more cell phone towers in Coos County, she says it's hit or miss when pinpointing a caller's location.