Coos Bay cracking down on vandals using cameras

Coos Bay cracking down on vandals using cameras

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay police are keeping and eye out for vandals with some high tech equipment.

The city police department announced they have installed sensitive motion-triggered cameras at various undisclosed locations throughout the city.

Helen Thompson, a civilian police assistant, told KCBY News when there was a sharp rise in graffiti two weeks ago, that if graffiti is not removed quickly, it attracts more vandals. "We have a zero graffiti tolerance here in the City of Coos Bay," she said. "We have a coordinated program called 'Graffiti 3-D,' which is deter, document and deal with it. The minute we find graffiti or locate it, or it is reported, we just quickly want to remove that within 24 hours."

Graffiti is required to be removed within a day by business and homeowners once it is reported.

The department would not provide the mounted locations of the cameras, but hopes it will identify graffiti criminals.