Did you fax your taxes? If so, you might have to send them again

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The state Department of Revenue is having problems with its fax machines and taxpayers who recently used the service must resend their information.

The agency says it got nearly 650 fax submissions that were incomplete due to service problems. The taxpayers successfully transmitted their faxes, but the Revenue Department received distorted and partial images.

Taxpayers who sent a fax to the Electronic Funds Transfer Unit using 503-947-2016 between Friday afternoon and Monday evening must resend their fax using that number or the alternate number 503-345-2353.

Anyone who sent a fax to the Suspense Unit between Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning must resend the fax to 503-945-8584.

The Suspense Unit outage generally affects taxpayers who are providing additional documentation to the agency regarding their tax returns.

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