'Estuary Soup' teaches about the ocean's ingredients

'Estuary Soup' teaches about the ocean's ingredients »Play Video

COOS BAY, Ore. -- It's where the river meets the ocean: An estuary. Coos Bay is Oregon's largest, and representatives from the south slough are teaching people of all ages exactly what's in the water.

One way to teach them is by making 'Estuary Soup.'

Tom Gaskill, the south slough education coordinator, says they relate the ingredients to what is actually in the water. "We mix the different ingredients, and each of the ingredients then reflect back as to the ingredients of the real estuary," he said.

"We mixed salt water and fresh water, because that's what makes an estuary," said participant Emily Midyette. "We talked about the animals that live in there and other things that are in there like phytoplankton, zoo plankton and the little kids seemed to really enjoy it."

People can continue to learn about our estuary.

The south slough will continue to host a large array of events throughout the summer.