Injured people in downtown are actors in drill

Injured people in downtown are actors in drill
COOS BAY, Ore.-- If you see a person badly injured and bleeding in downtown Coos Bay around noon on Saturday, relax.

Community Emergency Response Team recruits are performing their final test before recieving their certification, and their final test will not be too pretty.

"They're going to be bloodied, and they are actors. So they are going to be playing the part," said Mikel Chavez, CERT Disaster Scenario Coordinator. "Our CERT trainees, who've spent the last several weeks in training with instructors educating them on the different aspects of CERT, will go and find them."

Chavez said the drill will simulate a large earthquake in the bay area.

"We train for all sorts of disasters, but an earthquake is what seems like the most likely thing to happen here," Chavez said. "We want them to be ready for everything though."

He said the actors will have a CERT person next to them during the drill, and that person will stay with them through the rescue.

"We ask that you please not talk to the actors," Chavez said. "If you have questions, or your aren't sure what is going on, please talk to the CERT person who is with the actor, or find someone who is overseeing the drill."

He said 911 dispatchers are aware of the situation, but you are asked not to call 911 if you see an actor.

The next CERT classes begin January 18, 2013. For more information please contact Southwestern Oregon Community College if you would like to train to be a member of CERT.