Motel standoff subject pleads guilty to incident

Motel standoff subject pleads guilty to incident
COQUILLE, Ore.-- The woman responsible for leading police on a standoff that lasted for more than 4 hours at a Coos Bay motel Nov. 3 is pleading guilty.

After a wait to find an attorney and a mental evaluation, Goodwin plead guilty Monday to charges related to the standoff.

Goodwin broke into the motel room she formerly lived in before she was evicted. When asked to leave by the motel owner, who had evicted all the residents so he could remodel the building, she began to make threats and punch out all of the windows.

When police arrived, Goodwin threatened to kill a hostage it was later discovered she did not have. When police tried to negotiate with her, she yelled out phrases indicating that she was upset with her living situation and with how America treats the poor.

Police finally moved in hours later and tased her with a shotgun.

The 50-year-old Goodwin plead guilty to one count of criminal mischief and one count of theft for cutting down a large American flag from a nearby business and draping it around her motel room during the incident.

She will spend 8 days in jail and another 18 months on probation.

Goodwin managed to damage two rooms at the motel during the incident, whether she will have to pay restitution will be determined at a hearing later this month.