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Outdoors Rogue Winter Steelhead
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  • Outdoors Rogue Winter Steelhead
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Outdoors Rogue Winter Steelhead
Winter steelhead fisherman side drift on the Rogue River through Rogue Canyon near the Grave Creek Boat Ramp in Galice, Ore., Feb. 21, 2013 . When the upper Rogue River is so cold that winter steelhead aren't migrating, and the lower Rogue is too clear for fishing, the deep canyon waters around Galice, between Hellgate and Grave Creek, can be the place to go. Winter steelhead will hunker down in canyons as deep as 50 feet, and they can be enticed to bite balls of bait or yarn that go untouched elsewhere under such conditions.(AP Photo/Jamie Lusch, The Mail Tribune)