Pole Creek fire: suppression continues, rehabilitation starts

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Pole Creek fire update September 17
  • Pole Creek fire update September 17
  • Feller Buncher gathers material to make an accessible line  Credit - Dan Komning.jpeg
  • Snags and Smoke in the Wilderness Area   Credit - Todd Pease Photo.jpeg
  • View of smoke columns from ICP   Credit - Devin Potter.jpeg
  • South end of the fire 9_20 at 11 am Credit - Glen Phillips.jpeg
  • Large Ponderosa pines sit within an area where successful burnout operations reduced the ground fuels but maintained larger trees - Credit_Tom Iraci.jpeg
  • Retardant drop along 16 road south of Three Creeks Lake - Credit_Glenn Miller.jpeg
Pole Creek fire update September 17
The Pole Creek trailhead, where flames destroyed 4 vehicles and damaged others. Photo by Rita Dyer