Reedsport seeks way forward on levee

Reedsport seeks way forward on levee

REEDSPORT, Ore. - The City of Reedsport is looking at ways to bring its storm water system up to federal standards, including the levee that protects much of the town from flooding.

The city was mandated by the federal government to certify the aging system years ago.

Next week, an expert panel will be on hand at a town hall meeting to discuss upgrading options with the public.

City officials said if they don't certify the levee, the city will have to go through a national flood insurance program.

"That would require everybody, including where we're standing right now in front of City Hall - would require everybody to carry flood insurance in this area who has a mortgage," said Jonathan Wright, city manager. "We did a preliminary estimate and that would mean several million dollars that would come out of this community and obviously not be used to benefit the levee or benefit this community."

The meeting is set for Thrusday, July 24, at 7 p.m. at Reedsport City Hall. | Learn more about the levee