Roses in bloom for Father's Day on the coast

Roses in bloom for Father's Day on the coast

COOS BAY, Ore. -- On a day dedicated to dads, the Shore Acres Park in the botanical gardens are boasting roses that are blooming just in time for Father's Day.

Officials with the park are hoping some families will come out for Father's Day and check out all the beautiful blooms. "We're really excited about Father's Day on Sunday," said David Bridgham, a board member of the Friends of Shore Acres. "It's a time for the community and our traveling visitors to come out to the park, see the roses in bloom."

The gardens are having quite an effect on visitors, like Janice Stanford. "It's just so peaceful and beautiful, and if I ever died and went to heaven, this is what I'm expecting it to be like," she said. "You can't stay mad or frustrated for very long in a rose garden."

Bridgham says he thinks there isn't a more peaceful place for dads to go on their special day. "What a more spectacular place to go, than at the edge of the ocean to see these beautiful gardens and to honor fathers on Father's Day."

Rose experts will also be at the park from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Father's Day, answering any questions you may have.