Small town finds silver lining through fire and smoke

Small town finds silver lining through fire and smoke

GLENDALE, Ore. -- Though the fires are still burning in the Douglas Complex, Glendale residents have managed to find a silver lining for their small community.

With over 1,600 firefighters now in Glendale, Scott Walter's Glenway Super Store is just one of a handful of places that's seen an uptick in business. "A whole town has moved into town with the fire camp," he said.

Walter has extended Glenway's hours to accommodate the needs of those fighting the blazes. "It's working out really well," said Walter. "We really appreciate all the firefighters and the volunteers, the American Red Cross, and of course, our number one priority is to take care of the community."

Jack Farrel's U-Turn Bistro is pretty close to the roads that have been closed off. "I appreciate their efforts. There's people from all over the place here trying to help us out and it needs to be recognized," Farrel said.

And for their efforts, he's not just saying "Thanks," but showing it. "Now with the fire department here, we've been offering them discounts so we can help them out for their efforts to put out the fires."