South Coast politicians get new committee assignments

South Coast politicians get new committee assignments
SALEM, Ore.-- Two South Coast state legislators will receive some high committee positions in the new legislative session.

State Sen. Arnie Roblan (D- Coos Bay) will chair a new committee in the state senate that was created to better address agriculture and forestry bills in the state's upper chamber.

Roblan will chair the new Senate Rural Communities and Economic Development Committee.

Last legislative session, a large majority of agriculture and forestry bills died in the Oregon State Senate because of a lack of support and attention, even if it passed out of the Oregon State House of Representatives.

The elected official taking Roblan's former position in the House is also getting a high ranking seat on a State House committee.

State Rep. Caddy McKeown (D- Coos Bay) will be the vice-chair of the State House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.

It is presumed that McKeown and Roblan, who serve many of the same communities with the same needs, will handle the same bills in their committees that deal with nearly the same subject matter.