South Slough Reserve turns 40

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COOS BAY, Ore. - The South Slough Estuarine Reserve turns 40 this year, the oldest preserve of its kind.

Spanning 5,000 acres, the land and water are used for research, education and wildlife preservation.

"It's a very special place to a lot of people in the community who have a lot of history tied to it," said Deborah Rudd, who coordinates public involvement at the slough. "Every single person who had been tied to this reserve, the people that were here before we became a reserve on up to the people that worked to make it a reserve and the people that are involved now, everybody just gives 100 percent of their heart into it and is supportive, and wants to see it succeed. And I think as long as we have that we'll continue to be successful."

The reserve will celebrate the 40-year milestone on Wednesday, Aug. 6, with a potluck picnic, live music and a guided night hike.